MoI launches creative contest as part of ‘They Fooled Me’ campaign

ABU DHABI: The Ministry of Interior has launched a creative contest for the public to express the content and goals of the “They Fooled Me” campaign. The first and second place winners will be granted cash incentive prizes.

“The contest personifies the Ministry of Interior’s keenness to engage all society segments and invite them to interact with the campaign s humanitarian goals, to raise awareness on the scourge of drugs and their dangerous and devastating impact on the drug addict, his family and his community,” said Captain Abdul Muttalib Ahmed Al Hammadi, Head of Media Studies and Security Coordination at the Security Media Department, the General Secretariat of H.H., Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior s Office.

Captain Al Hammadi noted that the contest has three main categories: writing a piece of advice that should not exceed 50 characters; designing a creative advertisement poster consistent with the campaign’s goals and content, and filming an expressive video that does not exceed 15 seconds. The video may tackle any aspect of the “They Fooled Me” campaign and should highlight the negative impacts of drug use and abuse; the risks associated with bad companions; and the moral impacts of drug addiction. July 6 was set as the deadline for applications and winners will be announced on the Ministry of Interior s pages on social media networks.

The official explained the terms and conditions of participation as follows: all topics should be related to the goals of the Ministry of Interior’s campaign titled “They Fooled Me”; all ideas, designs and videos should be personal, innovative in form and content, original, not copied from any other work or from the internet.

The entries can be sent via the email dedicated for applications.