National army, Yemenand#039s resistance forces draw closer Taiz amid disarray among Houthi rebels

SANA’AA, 21st November, 2015 (WAM)–Backed by the popular resistance and the Arab coalition forces, the Yemen’s national army have been aancing on the southwestern front along the Lahij Governorate to the first border areas of the Taiz Governorate.
The local sources in the region said there has been disarray in the ranks of the Houthi militia and Saleh group amid reports they were fleeing from the battlefields.
They added that the disarray came after the national army on Tuesday evening tightened full control over Al Sharaijah area and its environs, and captured dozens of the Houthi militia and Saleh group forces. Meanwhile, the national army and the popular resistance through the air force coverage of the Arab coalition managed to overcome the danger of mines and aanced rapidly in the first areas of Taiz Governorate.
The sources said that the legitimate forces backed by Apache gunships pounded the defence lines of the Houthi rebels on the southwestern front. They could aance further with the support of the jetfighters to the areas bordering Taiz on the eastern gate of the city.
The reports said that the dozens of militia surrendered to the forces of the national army in the region, adding that many of them who gave their weapons, were mostly children.