Official statement by security source on Al Reem Island suspect

ABU DHABI: An official security source has disclosed that, given the investigations and the confessions of the accused in the Al Reem Island case, and material evidence collected by the security authorities, the crime that was committed by the accused was a personal terrorist act.

The source added that nothing so far suggests that the accused has links with terrorist organisations or political parties that could be blamed to having incited her to commit the crime.

“The investigations show that the accused has recently logged into some terrorist websites through which she acquired the terrorism ideology and learnt how to manufacture explosives. After scrutiny, the seized materials used in manufacturing were shown to be primitive,” the source said.

It noted that the investigations had shown that she had no plan to kill any American or any other nationality, but was looking simply for anyone who looks foreign in terms of language and colour.

“She selected her victims randomly”, the source said.