OIC observers witness Libyan Council of Representatives’ Elections for the transition period

JEDDAH: In response to an invitation from the High National Elections Commission in Libya, the General Secretariat of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has participated in observing the elections for the Council of Representatives for the transition period, that took place last month.

The delegation observed elections in a large number of electoral centres in the capital, Tripoli, and adjacent regions, managing to monitor all stages of balloting and witness the vote count.

The delegation of the General Secretariat noted that the High National Elections Commission has been keen on providing all conditions of transparency and neutrality in order to ensure that the elections are fair and credible.

The OIC General Secretariat said in a statement that it hoped that these elections would contribute to consolidating the democratic process in Libya, speedily establishing durable constitutional institutions with all Libyan parties who “accept living together and rejecting violence and extremism within the framework of the rule of law and institutions.”