PLO rejects any Mideast peace proposals inconsistent with int’l legitimacy

RAMALLAH: The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has reaffirmed opposition to any peace proposals that could violate the points of reference of the Middle East peace process, including the relevant UN resolutions and the Arab peace initiative.

Israel is trying to force the Palestinian leaders into recognition of it as a Jewish state with a view to ignore historical facts and Palestinian rights, according to a statement by the executive committee which was carried by KUNA news agency.

The PLO calls on the international community to apply pressure on Israel to stop its expansionist policy in the occupied Palestinian territories, halt all violations of Palestinian rights and comply with the provisions of international law, the statement said.

It also calls for brining Israel to book for its crimes against the Palestinian people and their land and sanctities, and imposing an international boycott on the Israeli occupation authorities.

The statement came on the eve of the Palestinian commemoration of Land Day which marks the events of March 30th, 1976, when six Palestinian farmers were killed as they opposed an Israeli plan to expropriate their land in the West Bank for settlement purposes.