Positive approach behind UAE success: paper

ABU DHABI: A UAE paper has said that Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has aptly outlined the secret behind the success story of the United Arab Emirates: “The good is always on the side of the optimist.” “The UAE has become an economic and political force in the region and the world especially because it has made a head start in studying the future and its implications,” said The Gulf Today in its editorial on Tuesday.

The progress achieved by the country on various fronts since it was established, coupled with the tolerance that characterises its way of life, has meant that government has traditionally enjoyed overwhelming support from all of the country’s citizens and expatriates alike.

There is valid reason behind the optimism. The UAE continues to enjoy enviable stability at a time when much of the region is in turmoil. As Sheikh Mohammed commented while attending the Arab Strategy Forum (ASF 2014), changes the world will witness in 2015 will produce positive outcomes for the UAE because of its diversified economic base which benefits from international trade, strong confidence in the stability of the State and rich accumulated experiences in handling various events.

It is the leadership’s vision, planning and effective implementation of various programmes that has helped the country keep ahead of others. The UAE has devised its domestic and foreign policies in such a way that they might respond and adapt to all social, technological and even political changes. Diversification of the economy away from relying upon oil exports helped a great deal.

“One key achievement during the course of the past year has been in the country’s progress as a good place in which to do business,” added the paper.

The UAE rose three places over last year, to 22nd, in the latest World Bank’s Doing Business 2015 report, the highest ranking for any Arab country for the second year running, and ahead of a number of European and Asian economies, including Holland (27th), Japan (29th), Turkey (55th) and Italy (56th). The UAE was among the ten countries whose performance had improved the most over the year.

The paper concluded by quoting Sheikh Mohammed as saying, “We must always look at the positive aspects in our region, work to develop and take the best of them and avoid exaggerated media analyses which paint a bleak future for the region, because good is always on the side of the optimistic, who work for it and vice versa.”