RFID technology set to transform regional jewellery industry

DUBAI: Jewellery retailers across the Middle East are set to change the way they operate following the regional launch of a new technology device unveiled at Dubai International Jewellery Week (DIJW), according to organisers of the event which opened yesterday.

“Introduced by Tagit RFID Solutions, a leading Radio Frequency Identification solutions company, the cloud-based Tagit Counter can track, monitor and provide crucial data on millions of pieces of jewellery in stores. It is the only footfall-counting solution in the world that separates the movement of visitors and staff, and provides essential details on how customers interact with store merchandise,” organisers of DIJW, said in press release.

Hassan bin Jamal, Sales Director, Tagit RFID Solutions, said, “Dubai International Jewellery Week has been the perfect platform for us to launch the Tagit Counter device. Most of our existing clients are here at the show and we’re actively courting new customers and explaining how adopting RFID technology will transform their business.”

With clients in the UAE, India, Hong Kong and Belgium, Tagit RFID is among the first companies to implement RFID technology and has plans to attract additional clients beyond its existing markets. Based on continual research and development in RFID capabilities, Tagit has pioneered solutions for blue chip companies and sectors that were previously unexposed to RFID’s modern, time-saving and cost-effective results.

Throughout the four-day show, the International Gemological Institute DMCC (IGI) is hosting an on-site mobile diamond jewellery testing laboratory. Visitors to the event can receive expert real-time advice on the quality and authenticity of their diamond jewellery from IGI, the world’s largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute for diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewellery.