RTA broadens awareness plans to reach out to vehicle dealers

DUBAI: The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has started delivering awareness lectures and promoteing awareness messages at vehicle showrooms and tyre centres as part of a plan to broaden the scope of awareness programmes targeting employees of those showrooms along with their visitors.

Director of Traffic at RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, Hussain Al Banna, said, “The new challenges confronting the awareness activities in Dubai require new and creative plans and actions befitting the growing changes and developments witnessed by Dubai every day. The 16.7% rise in the number of vehicles sold in the UAE to about 362,000 vehicles last year necessitated the introduction of appropriate awareness plans and programmes in response to the growth in the number of vehicles sold as well as associated activities. We have therefore set plans that encompass vehicle showrooms and tyre centres as part of our ongoing annual plans.

“The RTA has a clear-cut traffic safety strategy which is being reviewed and updated continuously. Such a strategy is built on a number of indicators and inputs including traffic statistics and studies which help us prioritise the awareness campaigns and programmes as well as the targeted segments.

“The plan executed last October covered major showrooms of tyre dealers and personnel working in this field. The department delivered awareness events to more than 150 staffs engaged in the selling and maintenance of tyres in addition to an educative lecture about tyres and their potential risks, and how to test and store them. Events also included the distribution of tyre leaflets to customers containing diverse information about symbols and signs printed on the tyre sidewall and how to read them,” he added.