RTA offers distinguished plates in 25th Online Auction

Dubai: The Licensing Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), is offering 300 distinguished vehicle and motorcycles number plates in its 25th Online Auction spanning a variety of codes including M, N, L, K, and O, on Tuesday, March 25th. The three-day auction is intended to serve the needs of various community members interested in obtaining number plates online.

Mohammed Abdul Karim Nimaat, Director of Vehicles Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency, said: “Online auctions command paramount attention from various community segments since they ensure comfort, transparency and fun in the selection of preferred number plates without the hassles of waiting or losing time and effort. Therefore, we will spare no effort to meet their needs and requirements by organizing such auctions on a regular basis every year.” “The online auction encompasses a range of distinguished numbers including 4-digit and 5-digit vehicle plates along with distinctive motorcycle plates, which will attract number plate aficionados and ensure privacy and significant positive interaction when they select their fancied number plates,” explained Nimaat.

The Director of Vehicles Licensing pointed out that the participation in the Auction started last Tuesday, March 18 and and will continue for 8 days before the auction starts on March 25.