RTA urges motorists to drive safely during winter

DUBAI: The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, is all set for the launch of an awareness campaign targetting motorists on the importance of safe driving during the rains or fog.

CEO of RTA Traffic and Road Agency, Maitha bint Udai, called on motorists to be more cautious and attentive during the next few days and weeks, as there is a likelihood of higher road traffic accidents due to wet and slippery roads during the winter.

“The awareness campaign, which started this month, focuses on a number of tips which will help motorists avoid traffic accidents triggered by climatic conditions and vagaries of the weather,” said Maitha.

“It is very crucial for the driver during the rains to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and be prepared for a sudden halt. The driver should avoid being occupied by any other issues or distractions, including the mobile phone, and the vehicle’s windows glass and mirrors should be clean. The driver has to maintain a reasonable speed not exceeding the prescribed speed limit,” she stated.

Maitha called on motorists to inspect their vehicles and keep them properly maintained, especially headlights, wipers, tyres and brakes as these elements can increase the driver’s visibility and control of the vehicle during the rains. She concluded by reminding motorists to slow down, leave sufficient distance between vehicles in case the traffic stops suddenly.