Scholars Association of India praises efforts of UAE Red Crescent in providing fresh water

ABU DHABI: Sheikh Abu-Bakr Ahmed, Secretary-General of the Scholars Association in India has praised the efforts of the U.A.E. Red Crescent in providing fresh water to countries in need in the world, especially in the various states of India, during its water-well drilling project.

Sheikh Abu-Bakr, in his statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the rulers of the U.A.E. on the occasion of the celebration of World Water Day 2014 under the theme “Water and Energy.” He said that the U.A.E. Red Crescent Authority, in collaboration with the Relief and Charitable Foundation of India, RCFI, drilled 1,710 wells in various states of India, including Gujarat, Kashmir, Karnataka, Bengal, Bihar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu with the adoption of modern technologies and the benefit of tens of thousands of poor families living in a difficult environment.

He added that the population of Bengal have received the most benefit from the project since there is no clean water due to exposure to environmental pollution. He pointed out that there are about 755 wells under construction which are expected to be completed within months.

Sheikh Abu-Bakr explained that the issue of providing fresh water is a global challenge which can not be fully addressed without joint efforts of all stakeholders together. He said that the U.A.E. Red Crescent Authority is an example of a model in the face of this challenge, which is growing daily around the world.

He added that the Muslim youth organisation in India Celebrates World Water Day with the aim to promote awareness and conservation of natural resources and to draw attention to the importance of water, and the best practice is to raise awareness about the seriousness of wasteful consumption. He pointed out that the General Assembly of the Scholars Association distributed drinking water on this occasion to homes and is also involved in cleaning wells and ponds.