Security of the UAE will not be compromised: paper

ABU DHABI: A UAE paper has said that two crimes were swiftly tackled by the Abu Dhabi law enforcement authorities last week.

“The performance, overseen by H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, is a statement of intent by the federal ministry that no effort would be spared to keep the residents of this country safe from malicious forces, internal or external,” said Gulf News in its editorial on Sunday.

It continued, “The tragic murder of an American kindergarten teacher at an Abu Dhabi shopping mall and an attempt to plant an explosive device in front of an American doctor’s residence were solved within 48 hours in a sensational display of efficiency, despite efforts by the perpetrators to cover their tracks.” In announcing the positive results achieved, Sheikh Saif also underlined the core of the UAE’s principles, which find their platform on firm Islamic and Arab values, when he said, “The crime was a slap to every noble human value that the UAE cherishes, all of which are derived from the teachings of Islam and the genuine Arab heritage.” The culprits will go through the full course of the country’s judicial system before justice is served. There is no doubt that the establishment will showcase a high degree of professionalism and efficiency in certifying that this case is closed. On a global scale, the crime rate in the UAE is negligible, thanks to the efforts of those who safeguard the interests of the public.

The people are secure in the stability and well-being offered to them by the leadership. They should rest assured that the country’s security and stability will not be compromised. Forces that operate on their individual actions, or flawed ideologies, will find their efforts thwarted.

The paper concluded by saying, “It is a commitment made by Their Highnesses the Rulers to their people. It is this assurance that makes people and families from various corners of the world call this country their home. The tragedy notwithstanding, the unparalleled efforts by the authorities must only instill hope in the people.”