SEHA’s enhanced patient registration system yields positive results for the healthcare industry

ABU DHABI: The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has launched the second phase of its patient registration system, ‘Malaffi…my scan’, at Al Rahba Hospital recently. The positive impacts of the electronic system are becoming evident with every new patient registration.

‘Malaffi my scan’ has brought accuracy and efficiency in the patient registration system like never before, allowing medical staff at the hospital to identify and access a patient’s medical records in drastically reduced time frames.

The improvements to the system, my scan’, employs a technology that scans the vein patterns in a patient’s palm to generate a unique numeric ID, which is linked to their entire medical history within seconds.

“It allows us to identify patients and access their full medical records, even if they are brought in during an emergency and are unconscious or unable to verbally respond. This would help save vital time and provide critical information that will enable our clinicians to administer the most appropriate treatment to the patient,” SEHA Acting Group Chief Information Officer George Yacoub said.

The enhanced registration system meets the demands of the Joint Commission’s patient safety regulations, as well as international standards of patient care.

“Registration staff also asks for the patient’s date of birth as a second identifier to complement the biometric check. We seek to make the patient registration process simpler, faster and straight forward, which will help us lift the index of care and service provided to our patients,” Mr. Yacoub added.

Tawam Hospital was the first to adopt the new technology in January 2014, having already completed 8057 patient registrations using the system, and the programme has since been introduced to several other medical facilities across SEHA’s subsidiaries.

SEHA also received the Technological Innovation Award at the World Global ID Summit in 2011 for its achievements in the field of healthcare database automation, which have positively impacted the levels of accuracy and performance of medical facilities in the country.