Sharjah Museums revive local popular folklore of Hag Al Laila

SHARJAH: The Sharjah Maritime Museum and Sharjah Aquarium will hold five workshops and 14 different folkloric events alongside 23 governmental and private entities to celebrate Haq Al Laila .

Haq Al Laila is celebrated on the14th or middle of the month of Sha aban, during which Emirati children wear traditional clothes and go around their neighborhoods to collect sweets, nuts and treats to fill tote bags known as Kharyta.

The celebratory activities being organised by Sharjah Museums Department on this occasion aim to engage community members and promote the spirit of community and familial bonds between people. It will also foster a sense of national belonging and draw the attention of the younger generations to this traditional celebration and the customs and values of their parents and grandparents.

The opening event for Haq Al Laila will be launched on Wednesday, 11th June between 4pm and 10 pm. There will be a special performance at the start of the event, during which children will dance around the Aquarium backyard while singing the traditional Hag Al Leila song.

The celebration will also include various educational workshops for children, in addition to a number of fun activities such as, the heritage studio, coffee break, Al-Imaratiyah and popular games. For all the girls, there will be a Henna corner where they can decorate their hands with beautiful traditional designs.

The Theater Corner will present performances and activities such as the Al-Yula traditional Emirati dance and other popular songs, the best traditional dress and dish competitions, and other contests and activities. At the sweets section all the children can collect their favorite candies to fill their bags.