Sorbonne Abu Dhabi hosts top-level French Ministry of Defence delegation

ABU DHABI: Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD) on Monday hosted a high-level delegation from the French Ministry of Defence on an official visit led by General Jean-Louis Georgelin, Great Chancellor of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour and former Chief of the Defence Staff.

Prof. Eric Fouache, Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Vice-Chancellor, and PSUAD faculty and staff received the delegation who later toured the university premises and facilities, including the language and computer labs, the library and classrooms.

Prof. Fouache welcomed the visitors and presented a brief overview of the university s history, degrees and programmes, efforts to support and promote education and research, and role in serving the local community. Prof. Fouache underlined PSUAD s keenness to build and strengthen its ties with local and global partners to consolidate collaboration.

Professors and lecturers, he explained, offer PSUAD students the same instruction provided on the Paris campus. PSUAD also offers top-notch cultural programmes and nurtures self-actualization and critical thinking among its student body as members of the community who together can shape a more tolerant, collaborative and participative future.

PSUAD officers at the meeting affirmed that cultural diversity was a cornerstone of the university. Indeed, PSUAD strives to create a favorable climate in which students can enrich their minds and lives, especially given that its student body includes nationals from 75 different countries worldwide. Convinced of the criticality of intercultural dialogue and knowledge sharing, PSUAD organizes year-round lectures, roundtables, seminars and debates featuring well-known expert speakers from the Middle East and beyond to shed light on a wide range of topics. PSUAD, moreover, organizes an array of sports and cultural events on a regular basis.

PSUAD, they remarked, is determined to become a research and cultural hub. Its programmes offer the best in global research in the humanities. After earning their Bachelor degrees, students can join one of the many Master s programmes offered locally in Abu Dhabi or at the departments of the Paris campus.

General Georgelin lauded the cultural renaissance that he and the visiting delegation witnessed in the UAE, not to mention the state-of-the-art facilities and world-class programmes at PSUAD which he considered a reflection of the UAE leadership s attention to and patronage of education and training of young people to become active participants in their country s development.

“During our visit, we were introduced to the academic programmes offered at PSUAD to equip students with both theory and practice and prepare them to take part in the U.A.E. s development plans, according to market needs and demands,” General Georgelin said.

“PSUAD is an extension of Paris Sorbonne which is renowned for its prestigious and global standing as evidenced by its focus on quality and excellence. The university has built an advanced administrative and educational infrastructure, attracted highly qualified and experienced international faculty and staff, and put together study programmes in line with the most up-to-date education systems in the world.”