STSC commences improvement works around Al Khalidiyah Mall

ABU DHABI: The Safety and Traffic Solutions Committee, STSC, in Abu Dhabi has commenced traffic improvement works around Al Khalidiyah Mall, one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular shopping malls.

The AED33million project, slated to be accomplished by the first quarter of 2015, encompasses constructing a new traffic signal before Al Manhal Palace on Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Street to allow drivers a left turn or U-turn towards the Mall.

Another traffic signal will be constructed, allowing vehicles heading from the local road close to Al Manhal Palace (Street 21, Sector 2/14) to turn left at Mohammed bin Mubarak Street. A third traffic signal will be constructed in the same area to provide drivers with a right turn from Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Street towards United Square Tower and the local parking area.

Other improvement works aim to relieve traffic congestion in the Mall area, including the expansion and enhancement of the traffic signal at Al Falah and Mohammed bin Mubarak intersection.

Khalid Rashid Al Suwaidi, Surface Transport Advisor and Acting General Director at the Department of Transport, said, “Al Khaldiyah Mall improvement scheme is a project undertaken by the DoT, under supervision of STSC, with the aim of improving traffic, elevating road services, relieving congestion by facilitating better entry and exits of vehicles to the Mall and neighbouring areas, whilst raising road safety and accommodating the growing number of cars in that area.” In order to ensure maximum safety, STSC advises drivers to use caution in the area whilst adhering to all traffic rules and regulations, to drive slowly and carefully whilst cooperating with all parties implementing the improvement works.