Sultan Al Qasimi: Sharjah is a safe investment destination just as it is a cultural and educational destination

Sharjah, 8th February, 2015 (WAM) — HH Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, stressed that Sharjah, which had remained removed from the economic conflicts, has been able to establish its status and boost its economic growth alongside its intellectual and cultural growth and has made quality leaps in building integrated state-of-the-art infrastructure. HH further emphasised that the Emirate has received excellent credit ratings from international rating agencies and has become a safe investment destination just as it is a cultural and educational destination.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment 2015, which is being hosted by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) at the Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre, HH said that while the global economies faced tremendous challenges including the global financial crisis, the emirate of Sharjah was isolated from the impact of these crises, as the Emirate is building its economy with the vision of building its human capital physically, intellectually, and economically. He emphasised that at a time when the pace of recovery from regional unrest and financial crisis may be slow in other parts of the world, the pace of development and building in Sharjah is accelerated, allowing it to serve as the safe haven for investors, based on its already integrated environment, developed over many years of work, and on investor friendly regulations, and investment incentives and privileges, in addition to its well developed industrial cities and free zones.

HH said:” In a world full of conflicts and wars, disputes and settling up of accounts among players, and growing poverty and unemployment problems, a lot needs to be achieved in order to bring global pillars closer and to build an economy that realises people’s hopes an focuses on youth, the hope for today, and the future for nations. In today’s world, many issues have become entangled. The economy has become influential yet it is affected by many factors and is now a driver and a policy maker.” “In Sharjah, this small and ambitious corner of the big and vast world, we meet. Sharjah, the regular meeting point for all global pillars in culture, science, media and thought leadership, is gathering you today to enhance its vision and development which is based on investing in human resources, the corner stone for the growth of any community. Sharjah is now named the Capital of Arab Tourism and was last year’s Islamic Culture Capital and the capital of Arab Culture a few years back. It began its development strategies in culture and science and moved into a knowledge-based economy which caters for the needs of the intellect and sustainable growth while building a stable and secure economic future,” he added.

“Our economic decisions are connected to human values which are based on transparency and justice. We work according to plans and goals for a prosperous growth that will benefit individuals today and tomorrow. We direct our youth towards creativity, accomplishment, and building a secure and safe future four our children and grandchildren. In Sharjah, we believe in openness and economic partnerships beneficial to all and here we are open to investments while deploying tools that will make partnerships flourish and grow. We hope this forum develops into a good omen for innovation, and strengthening cooperation among us all,” HH stressed.

“Some believe economy and culture do not meet but this is wrong as both complement each other – without culture economy becomes just dry numbers with no creativity or innovation. Without economy, culture also becomes an equation of theories looking for reality. Culture supplements a successful economy.” The Ruler of Sharjah also recommended more emphasis to be given to creativity and innovation, stressing that repetition is one of his biggest fears. “Proper ideas lead to proper economy and misconceptions weaken economy. Economy without virtues becomes brutal and the biggest virtue is justice.” HH also pointed out that science is the lead to culture and economics and that it is imperative in prosperity and in aersity. “Yet science needs a bit of aenture like fishermen who know that the sea and storms are risky but these dangers are not sufficient reasons for them to stay ashore. Venture and achieve your dreams, do not let repetition gnaw. The best authors excel at standing and with time they learn to craft short sentences.” more