Supreme Federal Court to issue verdict in Al Qaeda branch cell case on 23rd June

ABU DHABI: The State Security Department of U.A.E. Supreme Federal Court, presided over by Chief Justice Falah Al Hajri, on Monday decided to issue its verdict in the case of the nine individuals accused of joining Al Qaeda, creating Al Qaeda branch cell and channeling funds to Al Nusra Front, on 23rd June.

The court’s decision followed two hearing sessions during which it heard the pleadings of six defense lawyers.

One the six defense lawyers was delegated by the Ministry of Labour, in accordance with Article Four of the Penal Code which states that a lawyer shall be hired to defend the accused individual who is proved to be financially unable to afford a lawyer, and that his lawyer’s fees shall be paid by the state.

Eight of the nine defendants appeared in person in court today in the presence of some of their relatives, representatives of the media, members of U.A.E. civil society organisations and a representative of the Tunisian Embassy.

All of the nine defendants are nationals of Arab countries and one of them remains at large.