TCA Abu Dhabi ties up with Farmers’ Services Centre to get hoteliers to ‘Go Local’

ABU DHABI: Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, TCA Abu Dhabi, has tied up with the Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Center, ADFSC, a government education and extension resource for 24,000 farmers in the emirate, in a campaign to encourage the hospitality sector to use local produce in its food and beverage offerings.

The “Go Local” campaign was rolled out at a recent meeting in the emirate’s second city of Al Ain, which is also its agricultural heartland, when the centre briefed F&B professionals from 14 hotels throughout the emirate on the wide range of local produce available under ADFSC’s ‘Local Harvest’ brand.

ADFSC provides technical and operational support services to hundreds of Abu Dhabi farmers to help them grow and market their produce.

“TCA organised the meeting to ensure that local hospitality professionals are aware of the range, and outstanding quality, of the produce that ADFSC can supply,” explained Mansoor Mohammad Al Ali, Special Contracts Unit Head, ADFSC. “By bringing supplier and buyer together, we can help the emirate’s F&B sector deliver the freshest of product, from farm to table, to their guests and heighten the tourism industry’s quality delivery.” ADFSC’s Local Harvest brand represents 42 product lines ranging from fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, honey and dates.

“We want to highlight the diversity and dynamism of local produce amongst F&B professionals,” said Al Ali. “There is a misconception that all that is produced here is some dairy, dates, cucumbers and tomatoes – when in fact there’s so much more than this. Furthermore, when you pair the raw talent and ambition of these professionals, with the freshness and quality of Local Harvest produce, the future of Abu Dhabi dining looks very promising.

“All Local Harvest products are grown and raised with respect for food safety, the environment and worker well-being. In addition, field-to-consumer traceability guarantees knowledge of the source of all products guaranteeing that it is the freshest, safest and most consistent produce available.” Initial interest in Local Harvest produce has been encouraging with several hotels placing trial orders.

“Now that the F&B sector is waking up to what is produced locally here, we hope the business relationship between local farmers through the ADFSC and our hospitality professionals can strengthen,” added Reem Al Mahri, Hospitality and Attractions Unit Head, TCA Abu Dhabi.