TDIC and Defence Ministry to co-host inaugural DITEC

ABU DHABI, 23rd February, 2015 (WAM)– The Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee, TDC, and the UAE Ministry of Defence today announced their official partnership for the upcoming Defence Innovation and Technology Conference 2015, DITEC.

In its inaugural year, the theme of DITEC 2015 will be “Defence Innovation and Technology: From Ideas to Applications” and will be held on 25th February at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre, ADNEC.

The conference will bring together senior government and military officials, policymakers, and key industry stakeholders from around the world to discuss the importance of aancing innovation, research and technology in the areas of defence, aero space and security.

TDC is mandated by the government to support the development of Science, Technology and Innovation, STI, in Abu Dhabi.

By collaborating closely with government, business and academia to foster innovation and develop human capital, TDC aims to create an ecosystem that encourages and empowers the nation to build a sustainable, diversified and knowledge-based economy and in support of the National Innovation Strategy 2021, which aims to make the UAE amongst the leading nations in innovation.

Ahmed Al Calily, Director-General, TDC, commented, “DITEC provides an excellent platform for the defence industry to discuss and showcase defense innovations and aanced technologies, and to engage with government and academia stakeholders. The official support of the UAE Ministry of Defense highlights the importance the UAE leadership places on innovation and innovations derived from aanced research in the defense sector, and their potential spillover effects for economic and societal aancement.” Al Calily added, “Supporting the innovation process and providing the infrastructure needed to transform an idea into a commercially viable proposition is an area in which TDC has extensive experience. Our Takamul program plays an important role in supporting and accelerating innovation and technology, to create an ecosystem that supports the establishment of a world class knowledge-based economy in the UAE.” Discussing the importance of DITEC 2015, the Ministry Of Defence commented, “DITEC will be the first event of its kind to bring together a focus on innovation and aanced research and technology in defence from an international perspective. The conference will create a unique opportunity to discuss highly relevant topics that will strengthen the region’s defence, space, and security sector.” Some of the invitees to DITEC 2015 include the US Defense Aanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the European Defence Agency (EDA), Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the French Ministry of Defense (ASTRID), Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, and Boeing Phantom Works.