Tenth Arab Energy Conference underlines importance of establishing an interlinked electricity market for Arab countries

ABU DHABI: In a work session held today during the Tenth Arab Energy Conference, participants stressed the importance of establishing an integrated electricity network in the Arab world, saying that successful linkage of electricity between Gulf countries achieved so far has proved to be an important step towards establishing a grid linking the Arab countries.

The session, was held under the chairmanship of Abdulatif Al Hamad, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD), who stressed the Fund’s support to Arab electricity grid projects, and commended the progress achieved so far in this area in the region.

Jamila Matar, Director of Energy at the League of Arab States, presented a comprehensive study on the electricity grid, which included Arab electricity interconnection projects, and a study about natural gas and how it relates to the production of electricity.

Matar said that the past twenty years have seen many achievements in the field and showcased a number of projects funded by the AFESD and other sponsors to establish a shared Arab electricity and gas market by 2020.

The Director added that the Arab electricity grid is considered one of the most important Arab complementary projects, and is a prime example of the march towards joint Arab action.

The study, making a forecast for up to 2030, demonstrated a rise in demand for electric power due to population growth in the Arab world. Matar went on to stress that the Arab electricity grid is one of the most important ways of promoting economical solutions in support of development, and ensure the delivery of electricity to the Arab citizen.