U.A.E. recalls its envoy from Baghdad for consultations

ABU DHABI: – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Abdullah Ibrahim Al Shihi, U.A.E. Ambassador to Baghdad, for consultations, in view of the dangerous developments in Iraq.

In a statement issued today, the Ministry expressed its deep concern at the continuation of the policy of exclusion, sectarianism and marginalisation of basic components of the Iraqi people.

The Ministry believes, the statement said, that “such an approach will exacerbate the situation and will create a political environment that will lead to a further growth in political tensions and deterioration of the security situation in Iraq.”

The Ministry said in its statement that, “while reaffirming its condemnation of and deploring of the terrorism of the “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS), and of other terrorist organisations, which has led to the killing of many innocent Iraqis, the United Arab Emirates strongly believes that the way out of this cycle of violence cannot be found through more of the exclusionary and sectarian policies, and strategies that are embedded in the statement of the Government of Iraq issued yesterday, Tuesday 17th June.”

The Foreign Ministry statement added that the U.A.E. strongly believes that the only way to save Iraq and to preserve its territorial integrity and stability is through the adoption of a national approach that is based on consensus and that brings people together, without excluding anyone.

The statement added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms the full and clear support of the U.A.E. for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq, considering this to be a top Arab national priority, and that the U.A.E. also reaffirms its concern for the stability of Iraq and its total rejection of any interference in its internal affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement concluded by emphasising the belief of the U.A.E. that the only way in which Iraq can escape from the existential danger with which it is faced is through the adoption of a political approach that rises above division, through the creation of a government of national unity that does not exclude any of the components of the brotherly Iraqi people and that spares no effort to preserve its national unity, territorial integrity and stability.