UAE celebrates Kuwait’s 54th National Day

ABU DHABI, 26th February, 2015 (WAM) — The UAE has been celebrating Kuwait’s 54th National Day this week as an embodiment of the distinguished brotherly relations and historical ties between the people and the leaders of the UAE and Kuwait.

In a spontaneous and joyful gesture on the occasion, UAE national passport staff members at various entry ports presented cards of congratulations bearing the emblems of both brotherly countries to all Kuwaiti nationals entering the UAE.

Kuwaiti visitors valued the sincere and brotherly initiative of the UAE that emphasised the keenness of the countries’ leadership to continuously strive to provide a model of brotherly relations and solidarity amongst the Arab nations of the GCC. Kuwaiti nationals visiting the UAE expressed their happiness regarding the warm and authentic welcome given out by the Emirati people.

Employees of Abu Dhabi International Airport presented Kuwaiti arrivals with flags, scarves, and greeting cards, and employees at Dubai International Airport presented Kuwaitis arriving from their capital with roses and greeting cards.