UAE fully committed to eliminating Daesh: paper

ABU DHABI, 9th February, 2015 (WAM) — A UAE paper has said that the country has demonstrated its strong commitment to its close ally and friend, the Kingdom of Jordan, by sending a squadron of F16s to be based in Jordan to fight against Daesh in the shocking aftermath of the brutal killing of Lieutenant Muath Al Kasaesbeh of the Royal Jordanian Airforce, who was captured by Daesh and cruelly burnt to death.

“Since Jordan has border with both Syria and Iraq, it is in the frontline of the fight against Daesh. Jordan has been playing a leading role in this struggle and the immense sacrifices it is making for the sake of the entire Arab region’s security and stability have been recognised and hailed by the UAE and all other coalition members,” said Gulf News in its editorial on Monday.

It continued, “It is in this context that the dispatch of the UAE’s most powerful warplanes to support the Jordanian armed forces is both an important new element in the UAE’s participation in the global coalition to combat Daesh and also an important demonstration of brotherly support to the Jordanian people at a time of grave crisis.” “It is also significant that the UAE forces are working with the support of the US search and rescue teams, which have now been moved to be closer to the scene of action and are therefore more effective should they be needed. This necessary improvement in the operation was something that the UAE was right to insist should happen.” “Both states have utterly condemned Daesh’s abominable crimes that drew outrage and disgust from all Arabs and have violated all religious and human values. The UAE and Jordan are both committed members of the 61-nation international coalition to fight and eliminate Daesh and have been playing a substantial part in the military action.” “The negative barbarity of Daesh’s acts, and its brutal and disgusting cruelty to its victims, are a gross symbol of its terrible ideology. All Arabs have united to condemn this aberration and many have welcomed the responsibility of joining the military action against Daesh to eliminate this scourge from the Arab world,” the paper concluded.