UAE is working with neighbouring countries and international community to support peace: Director of Joint Operations Centre, GHQ

by Muhammad Aamir ABU DHABI, 21st February, 2015 (WAM) — Staff Major General Pilot Mohammed Rashid Al Ali, Director of the Joint Operations Centre, GHQ, has said that leadership of the UAE is working on doubling up the military and security readiness and to boost cooperation with neighbouring countries as well as the international community in order to support peace in the region and in the world.

Addressing IDEX Defence conference in Abu Dhabi, he said the region and the world are going through several security challenges and political strife, besides facing difficulties in their economy, and all this required cooperation and solidarity amongst allies in order to be able to preserve stability and face all the challenges, such as terrorism.

“This conference is a platform to discuss topics that have a huge significance for the GCC countries that are rich in natural oil resources, depending mainly on ports to export oil and gas and import most of their needs. Hence, the security of the Arabian Gulf is of regional as well as international importance, and consequently the responsibility of preserving the security of the maritime passage way is not only regional responsibility but an international one as well,” he pointed out.

“Although the political leadership of the UAE has adopted a peaceful way of resolving its disputes with any of the neighbouring countries since its independence, using diplomatic as well as political means, it still endeavours and works to build future forces that are equipped with the latest aances in the defence systems and the technologies of the 21st century in order to face those challenges and threats and to enhance its capabilities that will enable it to defend its country against anyone who seeks to interfere or tries to interfere with its people,” Rashid Al Ali added.

The GHQ of the Armed Forces adopts ambitious strategic plans that depend mainly on enhancing and developing its defence forces and capabilities based on investing in the human resources which are the main pillar of building modern armies. “Also, it is investing in the latest defence technologies and developing its procedures and outcome through providing training programmes of high quality as well as adopting a strategy that makes it able to balance between building a maritime land forces as well as special forces, command and control system, communication systems and all the supporting systems.” “The UAE Armed forces have contributed in several places in the world in peace keeping role, and we are always ready to contribute towards any humanitarian missions or relief missions in the affected areas that are going though crisis and disasters,” he said.

In his concluding remarks, he said the decision to hold this conference comes within the framework of seeking to exchange knowledge and expertise as well as information amongst allies and being acquainted with the latest technologies and how to provide solutions for several military and security challenges. “Cooperation is the best way to enhance the relationship amongst allies, whether in the gulf region or internationally,” he said.