UAE National Electronic Security Authority introduces new strategies, policies and standards

ABU DHABI: The National Electronic Security Authority, NESA, has officially announced the publication of a range of key strategies, policies and standards to align and direct national cyber-security efforts in the country.

The announcement was made during a briefing session in Abu Dhabi today, with senior officials representing federal and local entities from the entire spectrum of U.A.E. Government as part of National Cyber Security Programme .

NESA is a federal authority responsible for developing, supervising and monitoring the implementation of U.A.E. cyber-security strategies, policies and standards. NESA seeks to safeguard the U.A.E. online environment and contribute to the collective achievement of national goals.

“Cyber-security is one of the biggest economic and national security challenges countries face in the twenty-first century. The National Electronic Security Authority was established in line with this modern reality and as soon as the Authority was in place, we immediately initiated a thorough review of federal efforts to defend and protect the nation s ICT infrastructure. This announcement falls in line with the process we are currently engaged in which puts all necessary policies and standards in place to ensure a comprehensive approach to securing the nation s digital infrastructure,” Jassem Bu Ataba Al Zaabi, Director-General, said in a statement on the occasion.

“NESA is committed to ensuring that all U.A.E. government bodies are made fully aware of the responsibility they now have to meet the requirements of these polices, and in turn, what this means in practice going forward,” he added.

NESA representatives delivered presentations on strategies, policies and measures that are now mandated. NESA also distributed the first edition of The National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) , Critical Information Infrastructure Policy (CIIP) and The U.A.E. Information Assurance (IA) Standards which collectively, work towards enhancing U.A.E. national security by improving the protection of national information and communications infrastructure (ICT).

The National Cyber Security Strategy sets out a clear course for the U.A.E. Government s ongoing commitment to protecting its national cyberspace. The National IA Framework also discussed at the event outlined an entity, sector and national level approach to elevate the national assets protection. Addressing those in attendance, NESA officials spoke on how the adoption of these standards by U.A.E. entities will sustain the benefits of a trusted digital environment for both the U.A.E. public and business community.

The briefing session concluded with a discussion on the National Cyber Security Programme s next steps and with NESA outlining how it intends to raise further awareness of cyber-security across the U.A.E..