UAE student athletes set to benefit from full US university scholarships

DUBAI: Carian College Advisors, an independent educational consulting office, and National Scouting Report, NSR, a U.S. based collegiate scouting and recruiting organisation, have signed an exclusive partnership and cross-marketing agreement to cover outreach to student athletes living in the U.A.E., Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

There are over 250 U.A.E. high school athletes that have the potential to play sports competitively at universities across the United States, as well as benefit from full scholarship opportunities that cover the cost of tuition, accommodation, food and books.

Recruited athletes at the Division I level are eligible to receive an American undergraduate education-which can often cost upwards of 1 million AED-for free and secure preferential treatment by admissions officers when applying to university.

This is a tribute to sporting excellence in the U.A.E., where many students excel in golf, football, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis, in particular. The country is home to myriad sports academies, most led by former professional players and coaches, that help their student athletes prepare for competition at the highest level, through intensive after-school training and development.

These views were expressed by Peter Davos, Managing Director of Carian College Advisors, and Rob Miller and Lance Easton, NSR Directors of Recruiting, during the signing ceremony of the partnership and cross-marketing agreement.

Carian College Advisors and NSR will work together to raise awareness about the lucrative financial, academic and networking benefits available to recruited student athletes at U.S. universities, as well as create pathways for them to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

Rob Miller, NSR Director of Recruiting, said: “We have chosen to partner with Carian in the GCC because of their strong credentials, track record of success, and American staff and focus. Together with Carian, we will help Gulf student athletes achieve their goals of playing sports competitively in U.S. universities, in all major disciplines.” Davos added, “This agreement will effectively promote U.A.E. candidates to make their profile and videos available to every college coach in America in their respective sports, with the most competitive ones securing hundreds of enquiries from US university coaches.”