UAE yet again proves its credentials in transparency

ABU DHABI: Being voted as the least corrupt nation in the Mena region bears testimony to its clean governance, an Emirati newspaper has said, referring to the UAE.

The English language daily ‘Gulf News’ said in a commentary today as a watchdog of the stumbling blocks to every country’s national interests, the Corruption Perception Index organised by Transparency International, a global coalition service against corruption, flags up the bad guys and the good in its scrutiny of 175 countries every year. A swathe of sectors such as governments, police and the bureaucracy follow the index’s findings keenly and for countries that get a clean bill of health, it is an acknowledgement of their commitment to transparency.

“The UAE enjoys an enviable place on this list and this year, it has been voted as the least corrupt country in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena). On a scale of 100, with 100 being the best, the UAE scored 70. For a country that is only 43 years old, this is a tremendous feat. It is a testimony to the UAE’s commitment to good governance, its inclusive policies and its concern for the welfare of its people the latter truth upheld by the range of government initiatives that encourage them to actively participate in enabling a more dynamic governance,” the paper said.

“Given that some of the biggest and most populous countries in the world India, China, Russia and Brazil have been indicted by the index is telling on the conceit of big nations that fail to uphold ethics at the cost of beleaguering their people. The UAE, with its clear-headed vision and emphasis on results, is proving how placing the nation’s interests above all is a surefire formula for success,” i added.