UAE’s fight against drug menace exemplary

ABU DHABI: A U.A.E. paper has said that we all should take a heap of comfort from knowing that law and enforcement authorities across the U.A.E. are winning the war against devious drug smugglers who will do anything to get their deadly products into our country. “The seizure of a staggering 4,890,000 in illegal amphetamine tablets by Dubai Police shows that we need to remain forever vigilant against the scourge of narcotics.”, said Gulf News in its editorial on Tuesday.

It continued, “Four are in custody following the seizure of the drugs that were secreted away in bags concealed in heavy steel tanks. Interpol provided intelligence to allow Dubai Customs and Dubai Police to intercept the smuggled shipment. Regrettably though, the twisted mastermind behind this shipment from Lebanon remains at large, his days of freedom are numbered.” “The low crime rate on our streets and the social freedoms that our teens enjoy are testaments to the U.A.E.’s strong stance against illegal narcotics of any kind.” “Petty crime is not fanned by the need for the next fix, homes are safe from burglars seeking cash to feed their habits and our schools are safe havens. That is the real comfort for us all.”, concluded the paper.