UN urges G77+China to unite on combating poverty, climate change

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed to the G77 and China the importance of cooperation and partnerships to reduce inequality, end poverty and fight climate change.

“As the largest group of countries in the United Nations, you play a key role in ensuring a successful outcome to the efforts of the United Nations to formulate and effectively implement the post-2015 development agenda,” Mr. Ban told participants at Group of 77 Summit in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

“The fate of billions of poor people and the state of the planet depend on the success of our efforts,” he underscored.

“We will continue to accelerate our efforts but we have to be very practical,” Mr. Ban said, noting that there are around 440 days to accelerate efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Some targets might not be met, he concluded, and will have to included in the next set of development targets which will be officially agreed upon next year. The timing coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN.

“We must harness the power of partnerships across the full range of development activities,” Mr. Ban said. “We must also put in place a robust accountability framework backed by reliable and comparable data to support our universal sustainable agenda.” The new development goals must also balance the needs of people and the planet, the UN chief stressed, urging the gathered heads of state and government representatives from more than 130 countries to act against climate change and the unsustainable use of natural resources.

“All countries need to act on these priorities individually and collectively. That is how I understand the theme of this Summit a New World Order for Living Well,” he noted.

Mr. Ban will convene a climate summit in September this year when world leaders gather at UN Headquarters for the annual General Assembly meeting. His goal is to build on momentum ahead of official talks next year when world leaders will agree on a legally-binding treaty that would cut climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions.

The UN chief urged the G77 and China to “bring your ambitious goals and trials, your national action plans, and stay, so that other countries will follow your examples”.

“You have a legitimate right to raise your voice,” he stressed. “Unless you are united, with one single voice, it will be extremely difficult for the developing world to get strong support, particularly on climate financing.” “I really count on your strong support,” he added.