UNRWA Declares Urgent Need for $100 M to Repair Gaza Homes

Gaza, 22nd February, 2015 (WAM) – The United Nations Relief and Works Agency on Sunday declared the urgent need for about $100 million within this quarter of the year, to be able to repair the damaged homes in Gaza strip.

UNRWA expressed concerns in case of incapacity of providing aids to the affected families unable to live in decent residential areas.

UNRWA has registered 96,ooo homes as refugee houses or structures exposed to breaking down. The agency stressed the urgent need for $720 million to repair these houses.

The consequences of last summer assault are still ongoing, and the number of homes that were damaged is estimated reach about 100,000 by this March.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees last month halted Gaza reconstruction for lack of fund, since it could not afford repairing homes because “donors have failed to pay.” In a statement, the agency said that “$5.4 billion was pledged at the Cairo (aid)onference last October and virtually none of it has reached Gaza,” describing the situation as ” distressing and unacceptable.” The UN received only $135 million out of the $724 million demanded for the reconstruction process.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Economy Dr. Mohammed Mustafa, and the UN humanitarian coordinator James Rawley, have recently released the 2015 Strategic response plan in Ramallah, which aims to meet the humanitarian needs of about 1.6 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank through providing $702 million, to conduct 207 projects presented by 77 associations.

The report said that the international community fails to provide the people of Gaza with the least amount of needs, and the financial aids that could help people rent or repair apartments were halted due to lack of funds.

The report added that UNRWA was committed to face the sharp ineffectiveness of waste management, adding that this week, 12 new vehicles for waste transportation were sent to Gaza, with $1.5 million worth.