Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility, says paper

ABU DHABI: Beyond government policies and projects to save water and push back desertification, the issue of water usage calls upon every individual to do his or her bit, a U.A.E. newspaper on Saturday opined calling for redeeming the familiar entreaty, Every drop saved counts which has been relegated to the heap of cliches, for our own good.

“Almost 80 per cent of the U.A.E.’s land is a desert environment with limited ground water and as such, conservation of water is critical,” the English language newspaper The Gulf News said in an editorial comment on desertification, the single biggest challenge faced by countries around the world where dry land degrades due to depletion of water and turns increasingly hostile to vegetation and flora and fauna.

It noted that with urbanisation and development playing a big role in U.A.E.’s progress, the management of natural resources is becoming a vital responsibility for the country. “Today, several germane concerns regarding the availability of water, one of the most vital natural resources on the planet, are demanding the attention of governments, policymakers and citizens,” “As an example of our advantaged lifestyles, take a look at this figure: An average person in U.A.E. uses 550 litres of water a day, which is double the world average.

This is not only excessive, but also wasteful. At this rate of consumption, food production would be a challenge in the next 30 years. We cannot afford to let this happen.” “Living in the land of plenty that the U.A.E. is, with taps running 24/7, it is easy for us to view the issue of water scarcity as an outlier problem. But this privilege needs to be accorded respect and restraint on a daily basis rather than being taken for granted,” The Gulf News added.