Writers Association: Cyber attack on Al Ittihad, ADTV websites proves UAE’s stance against terror is right

ABU DHABI, 15th February 2015 (WAM) — The UAE Writers Association has said that the recent hacking of the websites of Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV) and Abu-based Al Ittihad newspaper on by ISIL (Daesh) proves once again that the UAE’s official and popular stance against terrorist organisations is right.

In a statement, the Association described Friday’s cyber attack on the two websites as “just another barbaric reaction by the obscurantist, extremist and terrorist organisations” in the context of their “repeated and failing attempts to damage the UAE as the most notable paradigm that embodies all sublime religious, national and humanitarian principles that entirely contradict the evil plans of these organisations.” It added that Al Ittihad newspaper in particular represents “the voice of truth” and was attacked because “it is a free and enlightening media platform that unveil facts, champions just causes, fosters courageous voices and allows them to express their opinion.” These obscurantists, the Association emphasised, targeted these two UAE media outlets because they recognise that they are endangered by open and free media which commit themselves to the standards of transparency, objectivity and boldness.” The websites of Al Ittihad newspaper and ADTV, both subsidiaries of the emirate’s Abu Dhabi Media, went down after the hack on Friday before service was restored within a few hours.