Yemen situation a huge cause for worry

Sharjah, 14th February, 2015 (WAM) — The recent developments in Yemen are a matter of serious concern for the international community as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has told the Security Council that amid a dangerous political and humanitarian crisis, Yemen sits on the brink of collapse, a UAE daily newspaper commented on Saturday.

”Despite the formation of a new government in November 2014 aimed at ending a period of political turbulence and bringing about a full transition towards democracy, Yemen continues to be plagued by violence and mass political demonstrations, opined The Gulf Today in its today’s editorial.

The Sharjah-based paper said,”Just two weeks ago, Ban voiced serious concern about the developments following the abduction by the opposition group Ansarallah of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s chief of staff and the resignation of the president and prime minister amid a takeover of Sanaa by secessionist Houthi militants.” This followed, it added, a steady deterioration since the beginning of the year as government forces clashed with militant groups throughout the capital.

”The United States, Britain, Germany, Italy and France have closed their embassies in Sanaa, citing security concerns. Now, Saudi Arabia has joined Western states in evacuating staff from Yemen. Riyadh has suspended all work at its embassy in Yemen and evacuated its staff due to the deterioration of the security and political situation,” it indicated.

”Yemen’s Gulf neighbours have rightly condemned what they term a “coup” in Sanaa after the Houthi militia dissolved parliament and installed a presidential council to run the country.

”As the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) statement correctly highlighted earlier, “The Houthi coup marks a grave and unacceptable escalation and endangers the security, stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen.” ”UN Special Aiser on Yemen, Jamal Benomar, who has continued to facilitate negotiations with all national stakeholders despite very difficult operational circumstances, has cautioned the UN council that Yemen stands at a “crossroads.” “Either the country will descend into civil war and disintegration, or the country will find a way to put the transition back on track,” he declared. “This largely depends on the political will of Yemeni leaders. They all bear responsibility for the current state of affairs, as well as responsibility for finding a way to pull the country from the brink.” The United Nations has demanded the reinstatement of Hadi, but its efforts to broker a deal have failed so far.

It is disheartening to note that Yemen’s economy is fast facing imminent collapse.

”The international community should now do everything possible to help Yemen step back from the brink and get the political process back on track,” The Gulf Today concluded.