Young Palestinian Artist Mohammed Assaf in Sharjah to perform “Clusters of Light”

SHARJAH: Mohammed Assaf, the acclaimed young Palestinian artist, arrived in Sharjah and will perform in the oratorio “Clusters of Light”, and will join a stellar cast of Arab performers, encompassing Ali Hajjar, Lotfi Bouchnak and Hussein Al Jasmi, alongside a large global team.

The performance is the inaugural event of Sharjah’s tenure as the Capital of Islamic Culture 2014 .

Composed by Khalid Sheikh, a distinguished Bahraini distinguished artist, ” Clusters of Light” is about the life of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, and reviews the history of Islam from the Prophet’s birth to his death.

Mohammed Assaf added, ” I am excited, of course. It will be a thrill to see the audience’s reaction to the many surprises in the show, and to its sheer scale and ambition. I am confident this show is so spectacular it will remain in people’s memories forever” He revealed that he is excited to share the stage with such Arab starts at the opening on 26th March at the Emirate of Sharjah’s 4,500 seat Open Majaz Island Theatre.

The five performances of Clusters of Light’ from March 26 to April 5, 2014 will send the audience on a journey back in time, from the darkness, struggle and challenges to the beginnings of Islam. It goes on to tell the story of Islam’s great early accomplishments”.

Mohamed Assaf added that this work has one motivation and it is to provide a true picture of Islam and its human values that promote peace and love.

Al Majaz island’s semicircular open theatre is the official venue for Sharjah’s Capital of Islamic Culture celebrations and is equipped with cutting edge sound and lighting systems.

The performance of “Clusters of Light” promises delight of all of the senses. The outdoor venue, built over an area of 7,238 square meters, emulates the style of ancient Roman theatres. It features a vast viewing platform through which artists can ascend, and is equipped with a high-quality and accuracy-advanced audio system that has never before been used in the region.

Mohammed Assaf, the Palestinian singer born in 1989, became an international phenomenon after winning the hugely popular talent program Arab Idol in its second season. He has since gained global renown and critical acclaim.

Born in the city of Misrata, Assaf left with his parents when he was four years old to live in Khan Yunis Camp in the Gaza Strip. It was here that his family noted a special talent for singing, honed in school performances.