10 Emirati projects reach second phase of WSIS Project Prizes 2014

ABU DHABI: The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has urged members of public to vote for the shortlisted projects from the U.A.E. who have made it through to the nomination phase of the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) WSIS Project Prizes 2014. A total of ten Emirati projects have been shortlisted and the deadline to submit nominations is April 18th, 2014.

“As the authority responsible for coordinating national procedure for WSIS Projects Prizes, we encouraged all institutions, both public and private, to participate in the award. Now, having shortlisted the Emirati initiatives, we are working to develop an integrated action plan to effectively enhance their chances of reaching the final stages. Their success will in turn help boost the presence of the U.A.E. in this significant global forum,” commented Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director-General and Chairman of the WSIS National Committee.

“Voting at this stage is crucial in selecting the winning projects and initiatives. From our side, the TRA will do it’s very best to inform the public on the voting mechanisms in place and urge traffic towards the WSIS Project Prizes platform – accessible via the TRA website – to ensure we give the ten Emirati projects selected the best chance of progressing through to the next stage,” he added.

The public can now access the WSIS webpage through the official TRA website and select the “Vote for the Project” option on the left hand side. By clicking the “registration” option and entering all the required information, visitors are able to log onto the website and vote for the U.A.E. initiatives.