10 Suspects Of Terrorism Arrested In Baghdad, Anbar And Diyala Governorates

The Iraqi National Security Service (INSS) announced, on Wednesday, the arrest of (10) accused of terrorism in several governorates.

In a statement, the INSS stated, “In continuation of the efforts of the Iraqi National Security Service in pursuing the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, our detachments in 4 governorates, based on accurate intelligence information and after obtaining the necessary judicial approvals, were able to arrest 10 suspects of terrorism.”

It added, “Our detachments in Nineveh governorate carried out judicial arrest warrants against 4 terrorism suspects, after careful field follow-up that led to their exact whereabouts, in addition to luring 2 others into a tight ambush in western Nineveh.”

In the governorates of Baghdad, Anbar and Diyala, the INSS confirmed that “our detachments arrested 4 wanted persons according to Article (1/4) of terrorism, as the accused were referred, after writing their statements, to the judicial authorities to receive their just punishment in accordance with the law.”/ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency