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The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan sends a delegation to Baghdad to resolve the portfolio of the Ministry of Justice

Sulaymaniyah, A delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is due to head later today to Baghdad to resolve a ministerial portfolio of the Union in the new formation headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Aso Mamand, member of the Political Bureau of the PUK said in a press statement that a senior delegation of the PUK will go to Baghdad in the coming hours on the recommendations of the leadership committee of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and to resolve the post of Minister of Justice in the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, and restore conditions to normal in Kirkuk, stressing that the post of Minister of Justice is of the eligibility of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan that cannot be waived, and that the Union is working to receive full benefits.

The member of the Political Bureau outlined that the delegation will meet with the Prime Minister and most of the political leaders in Baghdad, in order to strengthen relations to form a permanent committee in the capital.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Sources predict production cuts at next OPEC meeting (1.4 / million barrels per day)

BAGHDAD, OPEC and other producers will meet on Thursday and Friday at OPEC headquarters in the Austrian capital Vienna to decide whether or not to cut crude output in 2019, and independent producers, which began in early 2017.

The OPEC meeting is overshadowed by an oversupply of markets after their stability thanks to OPEC’s agreement to cut crude output by 1.8 million bpd.

“If OPEC and other Russian-led producers agree, supplies will be reduced by between 1.4 million bpd,” the source said.

“OPEC’s crude oil production has risen to record levels after production by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as the Russian-led independents,” the sources said, noting that all speculation suggests OPEC and producer output will be cut by 1.4 million bpd.

Since early October, most standard raw materials have lost about a third of their market value as the market has been hit by signs of oversupply, with production in the United States, Russia and OPEC increasing as the emerging global warming problem worsens, he said.

Prices have fallen about 22% since the beginning of November, heading towards their biggest monthly loss since the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

FCSA launches campaign to survey Khorfakkan workforce

SHARJAH, The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, FCSA, has launched its Labour Force Survey in Khorfakkan as part of its annual nationwide survey, conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and local statistical centres in the UAE.

Noura Ali, Acting Director of Methodology Department at FCSA, pointed out that the survey aims at estimating the size of the labour force and the rates of participation in the nation’s economic activity, according to different characteristics, estimating the size of the workforce, unemployment rates and dependency ratios.

She added that the specific items for determining unemployment rates use a major methodology compatible with the International Labour Organisation, through which the Commission can provide an integrated database on work and unemployment in the country at the level of all its members.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Sharjah Police, MoI’s Air Wing Department discuss training collaboration

ABU DHABI, Colonel Saeed Obeid Al Shamesi, Acting Head of the Air Wing Department at the Ministry of Interior (MoI), has received a delegation from the Special Tasks Department at the Sharjah Police GHQ to discuss cooperation between the two sides.

During the meeting, they discussed means to further develop collaboration among both sides in providing training programmes for the Special Tasks Department’s members on ways to operate vertical take-off and landing helicopters and conducting joint exercises.

The visit aims to boost communication and coordination between the two parties, in an effort to promote professional competence for the operation of helicopters and other vertical take-off and landing aircrafts and their use in police operations.

Source: Emirates News Agency

46th FANA Congress kicks-off in Kuwait

KUWAIT, The 46th Congress of the General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies, FANA, was inaugurated in Kuwait on Sunday, reported the Kuwait News Agency, KUNA.

Addressing the congress, Kuwaiti Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri stressed the importance that the Arab media recognises its responsibilities and awareness of the issues of its countries in light of the critical phase facing the world.

KUNA quoted Al-Jabri as saying that the Arab News Agencies play a major role in promoting awareness among people while also shouldering the responsibility of addressing rumors that aim to destabilise relations, as well as confronting such immoral ideals, especially from terrorizing extremist factions.

He added that media outlets could support the national development efforts and influence the citizens in taking part in these efforts through channeling their energies in the right direction to achieve maximum benefit from their ideas, which would eventually lead for a more constructive future.

Minister Al-Jabri voiced confidence that the next phase would be a new transition for Arab news agencies in various ways in terms of advancements in tools and methods. In order to reach these goals, Al-Jabri said, there must be collaborative efforts in strengthening relations through continued open dialogue and exchange of experiences among the agencies.

Source: Emirates News Agency

MBRF honours winners in 1st round of ‘Illiteracy in the Arab World’ Challenge

DUBAI, The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has wrapped up the evaluation process for entries into the first round of the “Illiteracy in the Arab World” Challenge, with plans to announce the winners at the Knowledge Summit 2018, taking place on 5th and 6th December at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The Foundation is abiding by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and the directives of MBRF Chairman H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Challenge attracted a host of outstanding projects and initiatives that seek to eradicate illiteracy, in addition to a number of influential figures who have made tremendous contributions to fighting illiteracy and spreading knowledge around the world.

MBRF’s CEO Jamal bin Huwaireb noted that illiteracy is an issue that affects numerous Arab societies and whose negative consequences have been exacerbated in the last few years by the tensions and violence plaguing several countries in the region. It is a problem that calls for a swift and serious intervention from governments to curb illiteracy and promote education, he added.

“The UAE has always been and will always remain a pioneer in launching and implementing grand projects to combat illiteracy in the region and the world,” bin Huwaireb continued. “This echoes our wise leadership’s firm belief in the importance of education in building societies, ensuring their sustainability, and providing a high standard of life for all their members. The Challenge complements these efforts and seeks to curb illiteracy, which now affects more than 30 million people under the age of 18 in the Arab world � bringing the illiteracy rate in our region to 17%.”

“This is a significantly high rate when we take into consideration the sweeping technological advancements around the world, which have widened the gap between societies with high rates of education and others where illiteracy is worsening. This calls for greater collaboration to find innovative solutions,” the MBRF CEO concluded.

For her part, Siham Al Falahi, Head of the “Illiteracy in the Arab World” Challenge Team, said that the Challenge seeks to make up for the traditional education opportunities certain individuals missed out on; it is an instrument to combat this serious issue plaguing the entire region, in addition to narrowing the gender education gap.

The project aspires to help the youth and adults alike to develop their knowledge and skills, improve their qualifications, enrich their culture, and upgrade their social and economic wellbeing. Contestants in the Challenge are evaluated based on the number of individuals they were able to educate. Furthermore, the beneficiary that manages to achieve the most progress over the course of the year will also be eligible for the Award.

According to statistics from the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO), the illiteracy rate among those aged 15 and over reached 21% in 2018, compared to the global average of 13.6%. The rate risks further increase in light of the conditions surrounding education in certain Arab countries.

Statistics reveal that illiteracy among Arab males reached 14.6%, while 25.9% of Arab females were illiterate. In 2016, the Arab world was home to nearly 65 million illiterate individuals; the elevated rate is the result of early marriages, broken families and divorce, economic hardships, poverty, and unemployment.

Source: Emirates News Agency