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كلمنشيا للأدوية تحصل على أمر مؤقت للصفقة المقترحة مع شركة إيبسن أس أيه وتوقع اتفاقيات للدعم والتصويت مع اثنين من المساهمين الإضافيين المهمين

مونتريال، 7 من مارس 2019 /PRNewswire/ — يسر كلمنشيا للأدوية (رمز الشركة على مؤشر ناسداك: CMTA) أن تعلن عن حصولها على أمر مؤقت من المحكمة العليا في كيبيك بخصوص خطة الاتفاق المعلن عنها سابقًا والتي تقترحها شركة تابعة مملوكة بالكامل

Faiq Sheikh Ali: The blocs in the government involved in corruption and cry of corruption

BAGHDAD The Head of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Faiq Sheikh Ali said that “the blocs involved in the government share corruption and cry of corruption.”

“Where did the parties’ money come from if they did not steal Iraq’s oil, and …

House Speaker: We Must Stand As One Man To Fight Corruption

BAGHDAD The House Speaker, Mohammad al-Halbousi said “Iraq has suffered from the scourge of terrorism and corruption, and the people of Iraq, together with the efforts of all, have succeeded in eradicating terrorist groups.”

He added “Today, we must stand …

Bosnia To Bring Back, Put On Trial Two Nationals Suspected Of Joining IS In Syria

Bosnia-Herzegovina says it will bring back two nationals who fought for the Islamic State (IS) militant group and who are being held in a Kurdish-run camp in Syria.

Security Minister Dragan Mektic on March 9 said the men will be …

The Parliament asks the PM to nominate names to end the Acting administration of Integrity Commission and Financial Control Office within a month

BAGHDAD Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Al-Halbousi asked the Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to nominate and send names to end the file of the acting administration of the Integrity Commission and the Financial Control Office within a month.…