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الأمين العام لرابطة العالم الإسلامي يدين الهجمات على المصلين في نيوزيلندا

مكة المكرمة، المملكة العربية السعودية، 15 آذار/مارس، 2019 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أصدر معالي الأمين العام لرابطة العالم الإسلامي، رئيس مجلسإدارة الهيئة العالمية للعلماء المسلمين، الدكتور محمد عبدالكريم العيسى، البيان التالي:

تدين رابطة العالم الإسلامي الهجمات التي وقعت

The Secretary General of the Muslim World League Condemns the Attacks on Worshippers in New Zealand

MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia, March 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — His Excellency the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Organization of Muslim Scholars Sheikh Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Alissa issues the following …

Saeron calls on PM for the appointment of Judge Rahim al-Aqili as head of the Integrity Commission

BAGHDAD Saeron Coalition called on the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to the fairness of Rahim Aqili and handed him over the post of head of the Integrity Commission, replacing Ezzat Tawfiq, who died in a traffic accident in Duhok.…

Dangerous animal breeding limited to specialists: Cabinet

ABU DHABI, The UAE Cabinet has approved the executive regulations of the Federal Law for the Regulation of the Possession of Dangerous Animals in the UAE in support of ensuring security and safety in society.

The move falls within the …

Workshop on child protection

SHARJAH, In conjunction with the Emirati Children’s Day, the Sharjah Children of Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, organised a workshop on the importance of child protection and the rights given to children by the country.

Titled “The …