Daily Archives: March 30, 2019

Barham Saleh arrives in Tunisia to participate in the Arab Summit

Baghdad President Barham Saleh arrived in Tunisia to participate in the Arab Summit.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The Badr Organization calls for the Tunis Summit to be a preparation for a strong front to confront the American aggressive approach

The Badr Organization called on the Arab leaders participating in the Arab Summit in Tunis to take a decisive stance towards the challenges facing the Arab nation, and not only their shy statements.

The organization’s political bureau said in a …

France stands ready to help Iraq to reform tax system

The French government has expressed its readiness to contribute to the efforts to restore stability and provide humanitarian services and rehabilitation of the education sector and universities, especially in areas that have been devastated after being occupied by terrorist organizations, …

Economist Calls On Govt To Correct Administrative And Judicial Structure That Allowed Corruption In Investment Projects To Grow

A specialist in economic affairs, Safwan Qusay called on the federal government to take new measures in the fight against corruption in investment projects and put people in their right place.

Qusay told NINA that “the recent events in Mosul …

Diwaniyah police arrested a drug dealer, and another one accused of murder

A detachment of Diwaniyah police arrested an accused of drug trafficking and another one accused of murder.

A source in the provincial police department told NINA that “a detachment from the Afak checkpoint arrested a defendant accused of killing who …