Daily Archives: June 15, 2019

Washington Extends Iraq’s Exemption To Import Electricity And Gas From Iran For Three More Months

Baghdad, The United States renewed, for the third time, the extension of Iraq’s 90-day exemption from its sanctions on Iran, which allows it to import electricity and gas on which it relies heavily, especially in the hot summer of the …

Sadr’s Office Calls Media To Attend Urgently To Cover Sadr’s Press Conference

The special office of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr called on the media in Najaf to attend urgently to cover Sadr’s press conference today.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Iraqi Base That Hosts U.S. Troops Hit By Mortars

The Iraqi military says three mortar shells have hit an Iraqi Air Force base just north of Baghdad where U.S. soldiers are training Iraqi forces.

In a statement, Iraq’s military said the shelling early on June 15 ignited a small …

Iran’s President Says Tehran To Scale Back Compliance With 2015 Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rohani says his country will continue scaling back on compliance of its nuclear deal with world powers unless other signatories to the agreement show “positive signals.”

Speaking on June 15 at a summit of Asian leaders in …

Parliament Plans To Extend Its Current Legislative Term To Pass Important Laws

BAGHDAD The political blocs told their representatives that the House of Representatives is in the process of extending its current legislative term, which is close to completion by next July to pass important laws.

The House of Representatives held its …