August 21, 2021

China-SCO Forum, Smart China Expo2021 Open in Chongqing

CHONGQING, China, Aug. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — iChongqing- The China-SCO Forum on the Digital Economy Industry, Smart China Expo 2021 (SCE 2021) opens in Chongqing Municipality on 23rd, and will last three days through to August 25th. Conferences, exhibitions, competitions, and forums combine to promote the digital economy and promoting common prosperity among SCO countries, […]

UAE Attorney-General issues updated list on enforcement of fines, penalties to contain spread of COVID-19

ABU DHABI, Dr. Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, UAE Attorney-General, has issued an updated list of fines and penalties under Resolution No. 38 of 2020 that aims to contain the spread of COVID-19. The updated list includes fines for non-compliance with the quarantine instructions at home and quarantine facilities; for deception and evasion offences; non-compliance of institutions and companies with the precautionary measures, as determined by relevant authorities; violating judicial orders or when stopped at checking points. The list also imposes fines for spreading fake news, information or coronavirus-related rumours, as well as violating temporary entry rules by vehicles used for commercial purposes. The Attorney-General Office has urged citizens and residents in the country to abide by the law and follow the COVID-19 precautionary measures and decisions issued by relevant authorities to ensure and protect their health and safety.   Source: Emirates News Agency

DEWA enables all users of electric vehicles to charge at Green Charger stations

DUBAI, The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has added new benefits to the EV Green Charger services, in a step to promote sustainable transport in Dubai and increase the number of beneficiaries. All commercial and non-commercial EV users can now easily use the EV Smart Charging service and benefit from more than 300 Green Charger stations across Dubai. There is also a new feature to locate the nearest green charger station and check its availability. The EV Smart Charging service enables customers who have DEWA EV accounts as well as guest users (who are not registered with the DEWA EV account service) to charge their electrical vehicles smartly by scanning the QR code placed on DEWA Green Charger stations available across Dubai. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, said that the new step is part of the authority’s efforts to encourage the use of sustainable transport

سانت كيتس ونيفيس تفوز بجائزة أفضل برنامج للجنسية عن طريق الاستثمار حسب تقرير إدارة الثروات المهنية

لندن، 21 أغسطس 2021 /PRNewswire/ — منح مؤشر الجنسية عن طريق الاستثمار لعام 2021 الذي أصدرته مجلة إدارة الثروات المهنية (PMW)، لأول مرة، سانت كيتس ونيفيس كأفضل برنامج للجنسية عن طريق الاستثمار (CBI) لعام 2021. الآن يأتي العام الخامس من تاريخ إطلاق البرنامج، يُعد مؤشر الجنسية عن طريق الاستثمار تقريرًا متعمقًا يفحص ويقيم برامج الجنسية […]