Conagen’s New Dihydro Resveratrol Made By Clean Bioconversion Inspires Novel Products and Drives Market Growth

Bedford, Mass., May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Massachusetts-based biotech Conagen announces the development of a new scalable natural compound, dihydro resveratrol, for use in industrial and human health applications. Conagen’s dihydro resveratrol is made by bioconversion from p-coumaric acid (pCA), a natural preservative Conagen produced by precision fermentation.

The same proprietary bioconversion technology used to make dihydro resveratrol can be used to make resveratrol and other polyphenol class molecules. Both compounds are natural metabolites of plants, such as berries and grapes, and are commonly found in red wine.

Because resveratrol and dihydro resveratrol exist in only very small quantities in plants, cultivation, extraction, and purification are very inefficient, using more land, water, and energy. Instead, Conagen starts with pCA made using fermentation of microorganisms. Bioconversion of pCA allows Conagen to use a much smaller footprint to make dihydro resveratrol and related compounds.

“The development of dihydro resveratrol demonstrates Conagen’s strong capability to manufacture and deliver innovative and versatile compounds for multiple large-scale applications,” said Casey Lippmeier, vice president of innovation. “Our proprietary bioconversion and precision fermentation capabilities enable the production of sustainable high-quality polyphenols for use in novel products which drive the growth of new markets.”

Resveratrol molecules in the category of polyphenols possess rich antioxidant properties. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity are linked to protective effects against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and cognitive decline. Conagen has announced several polyphenol products over the past few years, such as Taxifolin BC-DHQ® (dihydroquercetin), kaempferol, Rosaval™  rosmarinic acid, and hydroxytyrosol, establishing a strong leadership in the development of polyphenol compounds.

In addition to their importance in human health applications for improving the quality of life, dihydro resveratrol and resveratrol are also important industrial intermediates. They offer valuable use in many industrial applications, such as plastic additives, paints, resins, polymers, and high-temperature-resistant biomaterials.

Conagen is working with multiple industrial partners to develop novel applications of dihydro resveratrol, resveratrol, and related compounds.

About Conagen

Conagen is a product-focused, synthetic biology R&D company with large-scale manufacturing service capabilities. Our scientists and engineers use the latest synthetic biology tools to develop high-quality, sustainable, nature-based products by precision fermentation and enzymatic bioconversion. We focus on the bioproduction of high-value ingredients for food, nutrition, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceutical, and renewable materials industries.


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Hisense Elevates Home Entertainment for Africans with Upgraded High-Performance ULED Displays

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hisense, provider of high-performance TV and home appliances, has announced it will bring four high-performance ULED display products to the African market: the U80H ULED 8K Mini LED TV, U8H Mini-LED ULED 4K TV, U7H 120Hz Quantum ULED 4K TV, and U6H Quantum ULED 4K TV. The products will launch in the African market in June 2022.

Hisense ULED TV lineup

Hisense’s latest 2022 ULED series delivers marked improvements on its predecessors, with enhanced visual and audio quality for extraordinary vivid, bright and immersive images.

With four Mini-LED TV models across two series, consumers are spoiled for choice when selecting the perfect display for their home. All four new displays support Quantum Dot Colour so users can step into a new world of colours with over 1 billion shades available. Dolby Vision IQ and HDR 10+ Adaptive are supported in U7H models and above to provide better HDR performance in any lighting conditions. In addition, both series feature Full Array Local Dimming technology, which uses LED backlighting zones to adjust and create contrast based on each image.

In the U8H, 2.1.2 Multi-Channel Surround brings a vivid immersive surround sound experience that transports viewers into the moment without distractions. Meanwhile, the U8H and the U7H feature room-fitting sound technology, which intelligently generates the most suitable sound curve for the size and materials in the space. IMAX Enhanced is supported in the U8H and U80H 8K models, realising the signature picture, sound and scale in the comfort of the home.

This year, Hisense also delivers next-level gaming in U7H models and above. With HDMI 2.1 support and AMD FreeSync Premium certification, the display automatically activates advanced HDMI features including 120Hz VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) to give gamers a competitive edge.

All 2022 models are powered by Hisense’s updated VIDAA U6 OS, the best glocal content hub. For even more streamlined viewing, users can control the TV via the hands-free voice remote or issue voice commands up to a distance of three meters. All ULED models are with TÜV Rheinland’s product privacy protection certification, which means that the user’s experience with these models will be private, safe and secure.

Good for the home and the environment, Hisense has also introduced eco-friendly packaging this year with a 90% recyclable carton box.

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Billups Accelerates European Expansion and Taps Top Talent to Tackle Growing OOH Demand

AMSTERDAM, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Billups, the largest privately held out-of-home (OOH) technology and managed services company in the U.S., today announced key new hires to strengthen its expansion across Europe. The company is experiencing unprecedented growth in both the U.S. and EMEA, with two new ad tech acquisitions earlier this year, new client wins and patent approvals in the location intelligence space.

“2021 was the best Billups year since Heather [Billups] and I co-founded the company almost 20 years ago,” said Benjamin Billups, Co-founder of Billups. “Today, we are moving at an accelerated pace where acquisitions and expansion are important to growth, but it is truly the talent we bring on who will transform tomorrow’s OOH industry.”

Billups Accelerates European Expansion and Taps Top Talent to Tackle Growing OOH Demand

After Billups’ European launch last fall, led by Andrew Brunton, Managing Director, EMEA, the company has partnered with some of the world’s most influential brands to advance OOH as a pillar to its marketing mix. As advertisers and agencies continue to invest in OOH, digital OOH (DOOH) and programmatic DOOH (pDOOH), Billups EMEA is making key appointments including:

  • Amanda Bingham, Account Director, EMEA — As a boomerang staffer, Amanda rejoins Billups in Amsterdam to oversee strategic planning, placement and data insights across the region.
  • Andrés Carballo Pacheco, Account Director, EMEA — With an extensive background in technology and digital, Andres oversees strategy planning, investment and operations across the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe.
  • Finty Barton, Account Director, EMEA — Offering a strong global background in creative and technology-driven OOH, Finty joins the London team to expand strategic planning and client relationships across UK and EMEA.
  • Thorsten Normann, Account Director, EMEA — Launching Billups in Frankfurt, Thorsten manages new business opportunities, planning and placement across Germany and Eastern Europe.
  • Valentin Prieto, Senior Business Director, EMEA — Business partners and client relationships are in good hands with Valentin, as he drives business growth opportunities throughout Western Europe.
  • Lorenzo Conti, Account & Partnership Director, EMEA — With deep experience in marketing, business development, luxury and fashion brands, Lorenzo oversees media strategy and partnerships in Southern Europe and the Middle East.

Billups now employs more than 140 people, spanning 26 offices around the globe with partnerships across the biggest brands in technology, fashion, finance, healthcare, CPG, entertainment, QSR, retail, alcohol, tourism and cryptocurrency.

About Billups
Billups is reinventing out-of-home planning and placement for the performance age. Blending art and science with advanced technology, we lead the industry with patented scientific targeting, accurate out-of-home measurement and an AI-powered recommendation engine. Founded in 2003, Billups offers advertisers, agencies and media owners a platform that makes out-of-home as automated and attributable as the most effective digital ads. Visit us at

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Head of Growth

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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi completes surgical first in UAE

ABU DHABI, Physicians at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi have successfully performed a valve-in-valve transcatheter mitral valve replacement (VIV-TMVR) in a clinical first for the United Arab Emirates.

The 77-year-old patient, Sfeir Iskandar, who had a history of prior coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) and mitral valve replacement, was referred to the specialists at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi with recurrent heart failure.

He was found to have severe mitral valve regurgitation (valve leaking) and failure of his mitral valve. His complex case was further exacerbated by the fact that he had multiple medical problems, having previously suffered a stroke, and been diagnosed with kidney disease, while also being significantly frail.

Dr. Ahmad Edris, Interventional Cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute, explained, “We are at a stage in our structural heart programme that we can treat very complex valvular heart disease using minimally invasive techniques with excellent outcomes.”

The treatment involved using a transcatheter heart valve, typically used in the aortic valve position for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). The valve was delivered across the interatrial septum from the right to left-side of the heart after making a puncture in the septum (tissue between the right and left side of the heart) and delivered to the mitral position. The patient got discharged from the hospital in two days.

Dr. Edris is the co-director of the structural heart programme with Dr. Mahmoud Traina and both work collaboratively with the cardiac surgery team to make the best treatment decision for each patient. Dr. Ahmed Bafadel from cardiac imaging helped with cardiac CT planning and procedural imaging.

The procedure was performed in collaboration with the structural heart team physicians at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, in the United States, via web conference.

Valve disease continues to be prevalent in the United Arab Emirates. Symptoms include a slow decline in functional ability and shortness of breath with exertion which, if ignored, can have serious consequences. For example, approximately 60-70 percent of symptomatic severe aortic stenosis continues to go untreated despite the available non-invasive treatment options.

“I don’t know whether patients or families truly understand the importance of seeking cardiac evaluation and treatment early in their heart condition. We often see patients at the end-stage of their disease process when it carries the highest risk of death if left untreated,” Dr. Edris added.

Source: Emirates News Agency