NCHR participates in Right to Healthy Environment Conference in Manama

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR), Samar Al Hajj Hassan, stressed necessity of increasing levels of awareness and education on the best practices necessary to promote right to enjoy a suitable and healthy environment.

Al Hajj Hassan made the remarks during her participation in an international conference, entitled: “The Impact of Human Activity on the Right to a Healthy and Clean Environment: Practices, Challenges, and Solutions,” which was hosted by the Bahraini capital, Manama.

She also highlighted importance of underlining environmental impact associated with some practices on climate and natural resource security, and effect of these imbalances on people of different groups and ages, especially children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

On future action, she said awareness campaigns should take advantage of the media and social platforms, highlighting necessity of introducing these eco-concepts into the school curricula at various levels.

In a statement Sunday, NCHR said a dialogue was held on the conference’s sidelines about accreditation of national human rights institutions by Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI).

Al Hajj Hassan reviewed the NCHR’s experience, work methodology, and standards that led to its re-accreditation under GANHRI “A-status”.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Work underway to kick off Jordanian pavilion at Expo 2023 Doha

Efforts have begun to establish a Jordanian pavilion at International Horticultural Exhibition, Expo 2023 Doha, in preparation for inaugurating the largest and most important global event hosted by Doha after 2022 FIFA World Cup, on October 2, with participation of about 80 countries.

The event will be held under the slogan “Green Desert, Better Environment,” aimed at inspiring the international community to integrate innovative solutions to mitigate desertification, as the the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

The international meeting of the participating countries’ representatives kicked off in Doha, with participation of a Jordanian delegation, headed by the Secretary-General of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, and Commissioner-General of Jordanian pavilion, Dana Zoubi, according to a ministry statement.

The Jordanian pavilion, which will be inaugurated under the slogan: “Solid Roots, a Greener Era,” will feature Jordan’s agricultural heritage and innovative technologies, aimed at highlighting sustainability efforts and reducing desertification.

The pavilion will highlight Jordan’s story in benefiting from its eco-diversity and overcoming challenges, especially in the field of the global food security crisis and will also display the Kingdom’s picturesque nature, the statement said.

Visitors to the Jordanian pavilion will have the opportunity to taste a group of Jordan’s famous traditional cuisines and purchase souvenirs that promote the Kingdom’s various tourist and natural sites.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Cabinet issues bylaw to compensate uninsured vehicle accident victims

A Cabinet session held Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Khasawneh, approved a bylaw to compensate people affected by vehicle accidents, who are uncovered by mandatory insurance for 2023.

The system comes in implementation of provisions of Article (80) of Law of Regulating Insurance Business No. (12) of 2021, which stipulates establishment of a fund to compensate people affected by death, physical injuries, and moral damages resulting from traffic accidents and cover medical treatment expenses, for groups uncovered by mandatory insurance.

The regulation also aims to determine contributions to be paid by the Kingdom’s insurance sector, provisions for regulating the fund’s affairs, and all other related matters and provisions.

Moreover, Council of Ministers approved the administrative organization bylaw for Ministry of Youth for 2023, aimed to revamping its activities, in line with its development plans and achieve requirements of Government Procurement System No. (8) of 2022.

Additionally, the Council approved an amended administrative organization bylaw for Media Commission (MC) of Jordan for 2023, aimed to regulating work of the media sector on the Internet and related digital portals, keeping pace with the latest developments in digital media, and activating online follow-up for media institutions that carry out their activities through digital means.

The Cabinet decided to approve procedures for establishing a number of health centers in the governorates of Amman, Madaba, Zarqa, Irbid and Mafraq.

On another level, the Cabinet decided to extend implementation of its decision issued on 5/28/2018, which provided facilities to Jerusalemites by setting fees for issuing and renewing their passports at a value of JD50 for a 5-year period.

The move comes in implementation of the Royal vision to provide facilitations to people of Jerusalem, support their steadfastness, and streamline their transactions, based on the historical Hashemite custodianship over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

Source: Jordan News Agency

PM receives Saudi Shura Council Chairman

Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh received Sunday the Chairman of the Saudi Shura Council Sheikh Abdullah Al Sheikh and an accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, Khasawneh stressed the deep-rooted relations that bond Jordan and Saudi Arabia, which, he said, enjoy the direct care and attention of His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, His Royal Highness Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of meetings and mutual visits between officials from the two countries at various levels; whether their leaders, governments, or parliaments, commending the efforts made in this regard by the officials of both countries and their “relentless and ongoing” efforts to strengthen relations in various fields.

He also hailed the level of parliamentary cooperation between Amman and Riyadh, which is reflected in the mutual meetings and the outcomes of those meetings, which would serve the relations and common issues of interest.

Khasawneh noted the importance of the role of the Jordanian-Saudi Joint Committee, which convened in Riyadh last month, and the various frameworks of joint cooperation between the two countries, as well as the Jordanian-Saudi Coordination Council, in enhancing the prospects for cooperation at various levels, in light of the active investments and development projects.

He also pointed out the importance of strengthening partnership and cooperation between Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the field of investment and establishing investment projects, such as the health care and educational hospital project, which is being implemented by the Saudi-Jordanian Investment Fund Company, the infrastructure of which will be launched soon.

For his part, Al Sheikh stressed the depth of relations between Saudi Arabia and Jordan and the commitment to strengthening and consolidating them in implementation of the visions of the two countries wise leaders, and in a way that serves their common interests and issues.

Al Sheikh voiced happiness with the results of his visit to the Kingdom, which comes within the framework of the mutual endeavor between the Saudi Shura Council and the Jordanian Lower House of Parliament to enhance the prospects for cooperation and exchange at the parliamentary level.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Ministry conducts training for anti-smoking liaison officers

The Ministry of Health on Sunday started conducting training workshops in partnership with the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET) to enhance the skills of anti-smoking liaison officers.

This initiative is part of the Ministry’s efforts to implement a comprehensive national strategy for tobacco control, as mandated by the royal directives to combat smoking and enforce Public Health Law No. 47 of 2008.

The Ministry conducted the initial workshops with 50 anti-smoking officers from health directorates in Amman and Zarqa.

At the workshop, the officers were informed of the procedures related to enforcing Public Health Law No. 47 of 2008 and its amendments, with a focus on the ban on smoking in public places.

The trainees were also given information on how to inspect public places for smoking violations, including places that allow individuals under the age of eighteen to enter, in order to protect young people from the harmful effects of smoking and different types of tobacco products.

Source: Jordan News Agency

INJAZ, IGI join forces to enhance education in Jordan

A strategic partnership has been forged between INJAZ, a Jordanian non-profit organization, and the International General Insurance (IGI), signifying a significant step toward improving educational opportunities in Jordan. The collaboration aims to implement a range of educational programs at the Marj Al-Hamam Mixed Girls’ Basic School, with a focus on skill development.

In a press statement on Sunday, INJAZ underscored the signing of this cooperation agreement as a crucial component of the “Adopt a School” campaign. This campaign, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, seeks to mobilize the private sector’s involvement in elevating the educational landscape in the country.

The partnership entails the implementation of various educational programs, including “Me and My Environment,” “Business Challenge,” “Project Management,” “Professional Awareness,” and “My Entrepreneurial Project.” These programs have been meticulously designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to meet the demands of the future workforce, stay attuned to evolving youth-oriented developments, foster an entrepreneurial spirit, and prepare them for potential careers in entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the partnership offers the students a platform to apply their innovative ideas in real-world scenarios and contribute to the enhancement of the school environment by addressing its fundamental needs.

The IGI, an international insurance and reinsurance entity headquartered in Bermuda with a global presence, including offices in Amman, London, Dubai, Malta, Kuala Lumpur, Bermuda, Casablanca, and Oslo, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. The company is a member of INJAZ’s Board of Trustees and shares a common vision with the organization in advancing various facets of Jordanian society.

This partnership is geared towards nurturing youth by opening doors to economic opportunities, providing them with essential training, fostering their scientific and practical qualifications, enhancing their awareness, and maximizing their future potential, notably in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the partnership underpins the concept of social responsibility, transcending across diverse sectors, and reinforces the culture of voluntary work, an integral component of IGI’s social responsibility initiatives.

Source: Jordan News Agency