Ooredoo Group Recognized Among Top 5 Sustainability Leaders in Middle East

Doha, Ooredoo Group has achieved a prestigious ranking among Forbes Middle East’s Sustainable 100, showcasing its unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Forbes Middle East’s inaugural Sustainable 100 report highlights companies at the forefront of sustainable business practices across the region. The assessment spans 11 key corporate sectors, evaluating businesses on various criteria, including their environmental impact, ESG commitments, transparency, collaboration, sustainability initiatives within the past year, and their ambitious journey toward achieving net-zero emissions.

In the Technology and Telecom sector, Ooredoo Group has claimed a remarkable 4th place, firmly establishing itself among the top 5 companies making substantial strides.

Aziz Aluthman Fakhroo, MD and Group CEO, Ooredoo, said: “At Ooredoo, we are committed to the UN SDGs and the highest environmental protection standards. Sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility; it is a guiding principle in everything we do. We are dedicated to pioneering innovation, fostering environmental consciousness, and actively contributing to a more sustainable world. This recognition by Forbes Middle East reinforces our firm commitment and fuels our determination to set new industry standards for sustainability.” Aziz concluded: “Ooredoo Group’s steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability, combined with its innovative approach to delivering excellence in customer experience, has secured its position in Forbes Middle East’s Sustainable 100. The company will continue to move forward in its journey to further advance its sustainable initiatives, driven by a clear vision to create a better, greener future for the communities it serves.” Across operating companies, Ooredoo Group has been heavily investing in renewable energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint, seeking to rely more on clean energy and ensuring sustainable operations.

As part of its efforts, the company is proactively transitioning from diesel generators to more eco-friendly solutions, such as grid electricity, while promoting responsible consumption and production through smart waste management solutions.

Ooredoo is currently an active participant in the GCC ESG Telecommunications Alliance, a pivotal collaboration among seven leading telecommunications companies in the Gulf region. The Alliance considered as a new precedence for the industry – is dedicated to advancing sustainability, with a special focus on climate action. It strives to promote knowledge exchange and innovative solutions to address environmental challenges and drive sustainability.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Pope Francis calls for cease-fire in Gaza

Pope Francis on Sunday renewed his call for a cease-fire in Gaza, according to the Vatican News. “I implore you to stop, in the name of God … cease fire,” Pope Francis said at the Vatican, ahead of his Angelus prayer. “I am still thinking about the serious situation in Palestine (…) where many, many people have lost their lives. For God’s sake, please stop,” the Pope appealed.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Federal Police arrest 8 defendants according to different legal provisions in Baghdad and Samarra

Baghdad, The Federal Police arrested 8 defendants accused of various legal offenses in Baghdad and Samarra.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement: “The Federal Police, within the scope of its responsibility next to Al-Karkh in Baghdad, arrested 6 defendants accused of legal offenses that varied between (drugs, forgery, threats, tribal raids, and a check without balance).”

It added: “The 13th Brigade detachments, while carrying out a security exercise within the Sector of Responsibility in the Northern District Checkpoint in Samarra, arrested two suspects who were found in their possession narcotic pills.”

It indicated that: “The defendants were referred with the seized items to the competent authorities to complete the necessary legal and investigative procedures against them.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Six civilians died and injured in a traffic accident on the highway to the city of Kirkuk

Kirkuk, Kirkuk Governorate Traffic Director, Brigadier General Muhammad Ismail, announced the death of four civilians and the injury of two others in a traffic accident on Al-Hawli Road, east of the city of Kirkuk.

He said that a collision occurred between two vehicles, the first a white Nissan pickup and the second a large Volvo, due to a wrong turn by the driver of the first Nissan vehicle and his lack of certainty that the road was clear of vehicles. Unfortunately, the accident led to the death of (4) people and two (2) others who were traveling in the first vehicle were injured.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The National Intelligence Council holds its session headed by Al-Araji

Baghdad, The National Intelligence Council held today, Sunday, its twelfth session, headed by the National Security Advisor, Qasim Al-Araji, and in the presence of members of the Council and supporting parties.

The media office of the National Security Adviser said in a statement, “The Council discussed the topics on the agenda and took the necessary decisions and recommendations regarding them.”

The statement added, “Al-Araji stressed during the session that what is happening in Gaza is a violation of all humanitarian values and human rights principles, stressing that Iraq’s position is to emphasize the necessity of stopping the aggression against the Gaza Strip and allowing humanitarian aid to enter the Strip.”

Al-Araji pointed out that the security services need to make efforts to obtain information and maintain security, stressing the importance of vigilance, caution and exceptional action, because ISIS terrorist gangs are trying to exploit any loophole to carry out terrorist acts.

The Council discussed the measures that must be taken by the intelligence community at this critical stage and the necessity of following up on all international, regional and local details, to preserve the country’s security.

The statement added, “The Council discussed the achievements achieved by the Joint Intelligence Information Center, as well as the future vision for the center’s work.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

/57 / wanted persons arrested in Diyala

Baquba, The Diyala Police Command announced the arrest of 57 people wanted by the judiciary in security practices carried out during the past 48 hours.

The Command stated in a statement that joint forces from the Diyala Police, within the scope of their responsibilities, arrested 56 defendants in accordance with various legal articles, and one wanted person in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Law.

He added that those arrested were detained in a security center to complete investigations.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency