Jordanian Muhannad Hadi appointed Deputy UN Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process

New York: Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, announced appointment of Jordanian Muhannad Hadi as UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in the Palestinian Territory and Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, succeeding James Eugene McGoldrick of Ireland.

According to a UN statement on Saturday, Hadi has more than 30 years of international experience in humanitarian affairs and development work, most recently as regional humanitarian coordinator for the Syrian crisis.

Hadi served as WFP Regional Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, WFP Regional Emergency Coordinator for the Syrian Crisis, and WFP Representative/Country Director in Syria.

In 1990, Hadi began his career with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and has since worked with the World Food Program in Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Indonesia, Lebanon, Italy, Jordan, Egypt and Syria.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Initiating a joint operation by forces from the Popular Mobilization Forces and the army to secure areas north of Nineveh

Forces from the Popular Mobilization Forces, in conjunction with forces from the army, began today, Saturday, a wide security operation to secure areas and villages north of Nineveh, passing through the Badush Mountains.

According to a statement by the Popular Mobilization Forces, the 59th Brigade, the Special Tasks Regiment of the Nineveh Operations Command, the Intelligence and Information Assistant, the Explosives Engineers and the Medics in the Popular Mobilization Forces, and parts of the Iraqi army, participated in the operation to track down terrorist cells and raid and search villages located on the Tigris River and adjacent to the Badush Mountains.

The statement added: ‘The operation aims to dry up the sources of terrorism and pursue ISIS terrorist gangs to strike their cells, destroy their hideouts, and impose security and stability throughout Nineveh Governorate.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Federal Police arrest (11) accused in Baghdad and Babylon

The Federal Police forces arrested (11) defendants according to various legal articles in Baghdad and Babylon.

The Federal Police Command stated in a statement: ‘The security effort of the units of the Federal Police Mechanized Division, with the support of the intelligence effort and attached units, arrested (11) accused of legal offenses (threatening, quarreling, theft, firing gunshots) in the areas of (Arab Jabour, Al-Kafa’at) , Al-Amel neighborhood, Al-Maalef, Al-Dora) in Baghdad, and in Babylon Governorate, and they were referred to the competent authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

A young man killed in tribal revenge in a district of Nineveh

A young man was killed in tribal revenge in the Zammar district, northwest of Mosul.

A source in the Nineveh Police told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): ‘The young man works as a nurse in the Nineveh Health Department, and he was killed by gunmen on foot who opened fire at him inside a cafeteria in the Zammar district.’

The source added: ‘The police handed over the dead man’s body to forensic medicine and opened an investigation into the incident

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The Malibu gang was arrested in Diyala

A Diyala police force arrested a gang robbing houses east of Baqubah, the center of the governorate.

A security source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): ‘The gang consists of three young men, using a Malibu car, and they were arrested after carrying out an armed robbery on a house in the Canaan district, east of Baqubah, and handcuffing the owner of the house at gunpoint.’

He added: ‘The three defendants were detained in a security center to complete investigations and legal procedures against them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency