46 houbaras released on 46th National Day

ABU DHABI, The International Fund for Houbara Conservation, IFHC, a non-profit organisation supported by the Government of Abu Dhabi, celebrated the UAE 46th National Day in their own style by releasing 46 Asian Houbaras that were bred in captivity in the IFHC centres in the UAE wilderness.

The IFHC said the release was in tribute to the far-sighted vision of the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, for conserving and protecting wildlife and nature.

Each bird carries in its leg a light plastic circle decorated with the UAE flag colours in a symbolic act of keeping the flag flying high.

Twenty-eight academically distinguished students of Remah Primary and Secondary Schools released the birds, during an event hosted by Remah hills in the Remah region, a well-known natural habitat for the bird.

Ali Mubarak Al Shamsi, the Acting Head of Communications and Public Relations at IFHC, expressed his pride and enthusiasm on the occasion of the National Day, saying, “It is a historic and significant day we celebrate every year. It represents and reflects the power and cohesion of the UAE society. It means team spirit and solidarity between the leadership and its people. It inspires the values of the union that were established by the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. We shall continue the same march of dignity and pride under the glorious shadows of our leaders.”

Al Shamsi added that the participation of school students in releasing the houbara showcases the IFHC’s strategy of spreading awareness among the younger generation about the significance of the bird in the UAE’s heritage. He said his IFHC team noticed the passion and enthusiasm of students before, during, and after the event from their numerous queries about the bird, its life, and its symbolism.

The IFHC is keen to engage in most of the UAE festivities and spread knowledge and awareness of the houbara birds among all spectra of people, especially the youth.

Based on Sheikh Zayed’s vision that began more than 40 years ago, the IFHC was established in Abu Dhabi in 2006. This vision aims to sustain wildlife through preserving the ancestral heritage and its principles, which are associated with sustainability and ecological balance, as well as by employing scientific capabilities and modern techniques such as breeding houbara and releasing them into the wild in order to conserve their natural species.

The IFHC Houbara Captive Breeding Programme has succeeded in developing breeding techniques and it now stands as a reference point in the development of houbara captive breeding methods.

Source: Emirates News Agency