46th FANA Congress kicks-off in Kuwait

KUWAIT, The 46th Congress of the General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies, FANA, was inaugurated in Kuwait on Sunday, reported the Kuwait News Agency, KUNA.

Addressing the congress, Kuwaiti Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri stressed the importance that the Arab media recognises its responsibilities and awareness of the issues of its countries in light of the critical phase facing the world.

KUNA quoted Al-Jabri as saying that the Arab News Agencies play a major role in promoting awareness among people while also shouldering the responsibility of addressing rumors that aim to destabilise relations, as well as confronting such immoral ideals, especially from terrorizing extremist factions.

He added that media outlets could support the national development efforts and influence the citizens in taking part in these efforts through channeling their energies in the right direction to achieve maximum benefit from their ideas, which would eventually lead for a more constructive future.

Minister Al-Jabri voiced confidence that the next phase would be a new transition for Arab news agencies in various ways in terms of advancements in tools and methods. In order to reach these goals, Al-Jabri said, there must be collaborative efforts in strengthening relations through continued open dialogue and exchange of experiences among the agencies.

Source: Emirates News Agency