60 hospitals, 441 schools in Abu Dhabi in 2017: SCAD

ABU DHABI, By the end of 2017, there were 60 hospitals with a total capacity of 5,536 beds, according to the ‘Abu Dhabi in Figures’ report released by the Abu Dhabi Statistic Centre, SCAD, on Tuesday.

”Abu Dhabi has 9,444 physicians, 27,568 nurses, 802 pharmacies and 700 clinics,” SCAD said.

For the education sector in the 2016 -2017 academic year, there were 250 government schools employing 11,430 teachers and accommodating 132,098 pupils compared with 191 private schools with 15,523 teachers teaching 241,488 pupils.

”In total, the number of public and private schools reached 441 employing 26,953 teachers,” the report indicated.

Source: Emirates News Agency